Righteous Family began with the work of Show and Prove Youth Outreach across Atlanta, beginning in 2001. By 2008, the community expanded via the work of Supreme Design Publishing (established 2008), along with local developments via the 360 Movement (established 2014) and The Solutionary Institute (established 2018). Today, Righteous Family has members across the world, and serves a global community of over 100,000 families.

What we have done since our inception in 2020:

  1. Compiled and freely shared over 900 pages of resources for people seeking exemptions from mandatory vaccinations. 
  2. Compiled and freely shared over 500 pages of resources for people seeking to homeschool.
  3. Compiled over 10k pages of reference materials for surviving any disaster scenario. 
  4. Connected over a hundred independent businesses to new clients, vendors, partners and media outlets. 
  5. Established GoToTheBest.com, an online network of tourism websites for all major cities across the US and around the world, leading with GotoATL.com
  6. Established OurBestSchools.com to feature the best homeschooling programs and resources and independent schools. 
  7. Established BestBlackBooks.com to feature all the active Black owned bookstores across the world. 

By the end of 2022 we will also have…

  1. Established BestBlackFarms.com to feature all the active Black owned farms across the world. 
  2. Established BestBlackCamps.com to feature all the active Black owned campgrounds and recreational parks across the world. 
  3. Established BestVegSpots.com to feature all the best vegetarian and vegan eateries across the world. 
  4. Established ModernMelanin.com to feature all the media content our contributors can dream up, from local event journalism to community news.
  5. Established MotivationalModels.com to feature talented people for their inspirational stories, beyond whatever greatness people see on the surface!
  6. Established YourBestCompany.com to help entrepreneurs buy and sell online and real world businesses.
  7. Established thebest.properties to feature the best real estate listings, including RF member listings for short and long term rentals, land and buildings for sale, as well as commercial spaces for lease. 
  8. Established Gods Estate as a non sectarian service based ministry dedicated to the Earth and our children, continuing the work of Show and Prove Youth Outreach
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