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The Righteous Family 

A collective of independent businesses, community organizations, ministries and families dedicated to the betterment of the Earth and our children. We work to advance self-sufficiency through cooperative economics, transformational learning, and collaborative decision-making. Our goal is to empower 144,000 households to become at least 70% self-sufficient by 2024.

By self-sufficient, we mean owning the places we live and work, growing our own food, and running a family business that can be carried on for generations, no matter what condition society is in! This decreases our reliance on outside assistance and  guarantees healthier communities for future generations. By 70%, we mean that nobody has to know or do everything – but everyone can do something, so together we can do anything!

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We are currently open to Black/Indigenous businesses and organizations that serve Black/Indigenous people. For our reasons behind this approach, please refer to this page for a recommended reading list of materials that help provide context and clarity. Reading List

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You don’t have to be a member to support our mission and the work we do! By giving any form of support, you are helping in a great way. You can share our fundraisers with your friends and family at no cost. Click or Scan our QR Code and Share:

How to Get Involved

  • If you’d like to write about us and share it widely, that’s even better!
  • If you’d like to donate money (even $1 helps!), click this link: RF Gofundme
  • If you’re local and can donate materials or services, you’ll find details on what we need at the featured page for each project.


Our Newest Project In Print and Available Now!

The Real Royalty 2024 – 2025 Weekly Calendar is a celebration of the royalty and natural beauty of our Sisters, the melanin-rich Queens of the world. This calendar is a weekly planner because of the importance of writing out our intentions and scheduling our lives with the changes we want to see in them.

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Real Royalty 2024 -2025 Weekly Calendar

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Our 2024-2025 Real Royalty Calendar celebrates the beauty of Original women from all over the planet!

Our 2024-2025 Real Royalty Calendar is in print and available now!

‘Be for the community’: Activist is growing a new future for a piece of land in Macon

Carl Myers got out of prison in 2016 with a different outlook on life. He now works with several Macon organizations that focus on helping youth in the community. Most would look at this area of land on Forsyth Street in Macon and just see trash hidden in the leaves. Carl Myers sees this land as an opportunity to build on

Community Clean Up with Cee Savior

‘A dream come true’: Macon community activist plans to build a community garden

While Carl Myers was in prison, he was introduced to the author Supreme Understanding and the idea of a community garden was born. When he got out of prison in 2016, he continued to read books by Supreme Understanding and followed him on social media.

He reached out to the author and invited him to come to Macon. The two bought the land for the community garden together. Supreme Understanding is also starting community gardens in Stockbridge, Georgia, and Atlanta.

There is a Chance for Partnerships

Chance encounters often present opportunities that may not have been on your radar initially.

New Releases From The SURVIBING Book Series

We compiled this project as part of our SURVIBING series. That is, urban survival but without the scary and dusty vibes! Surviving and thriving with good vibes despite whatever challenges lay on the horizon!

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